Data Management

In today's world, automation of benefits data is an ever-increasing need. Through CWIBenefits' Data Exchange, you'll find dependable assistance for managing, accessing, updating and reporting on all your benefits data.


With CWIBenefits Data Exchange, Human Resources personnel and members alike are able to access accurate, real-time benefits information through our website.

HRIS Compatibility

CWIBenefits offers HRIS Integration compatible with most platforms. This enables us to communicate directly with your HRIS and payroll systems, eliminating redundancy and increasing accuracy.

  • Eligibility data feeds
  • Enrollment
  • Interfacing with benefits vendors
  • Payroll deductions
  • HR Web Tools

    CWIBenefits' Relevant Tools HR Website allows you to view member benefits information, perform look-ups and run reports. An Interactive Management feature is also available which allows HR staff to access CWIBenefits' system for making changes and additions to member information.

    Member Web Tools

    With Relevant Tools members can view coverage, claims and plan limits and access additional links for wellness tools, FAQs, ID card requests, forms, plan specific documents and more. The information and options displayed on the Web are available to each member based on their individual benefits eligibility.

    Vendor Data Transfers

    Benefits vendors (insurance carriers and any medical, dental, vision, and flex claims payors) have unique formats for receiving data. CWIBenefits collects, consolidates, organizes and distributes the data to the appropriate vendors in the formats required. This process alone will save time and resources.


    CWIBenefits' Data Exchange delivers precise processing which leads to accuracy in billing performance. Regular quality checks are in place to eliminate input errors

    Key Features

  • Full-Service Enrollment (Web, IVR, Telephone, Laptop, Forms)
  • Eligibility Management
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Vendor Interface, Administration and Remittance
  • Web Tools for Members, HR and Third Party Administrators (TPA)
  • Customer Service Contact Center
  • Personalized Benefit Statements
  • HRIS/Payroll Support